Rugby World Cup 2015 Prize Money

Get the Rugby World Cup 2015 prize money. Here is the complete detail of RWC 2015 prize money and Rugby World Cup 2015 winner’s reward in cash. Rugby World Cup 2015 prizes have been revealed. Rugby World Cup 2015 revenue and profit of the event and other details.

Unlike other sports tournament like Cricket, Football etc, the “Rugby World Cup” does not offer any prize money for the teams or players taking part in the event. The homes association pays the players in term of bonuses that is defined by the constitution of “Home Rugby Union” association. According to the economical study, about $100,000 pays by the home rugby union association to each player of the team.

The English players will get around $350,000 each, in case if they catch the Rugby World Cup trophy Webb Ellis Cup. Here are some cash prize details of Rugby World Cup 2015.

  • Australia: $250,000 (Each player in case they win the event)
  • Wales: $150,000 (Each player in case they win the event)
  • South Africa: $150,000 (Each player in case they win the event)
  • England: $350,000 (Each player in case they win the event)
  • New Zealand: $250,000 (Each player in case they win the event)

Rugby World Cup 2015 Winners’ Prize Money:

England & Wales, the host of Rugby World Cup 2015 will pay $80 million in term of fee to the organizer IRB, this amount is more than the fee paid by New Zealand to host the event back in 2011 which was $25 Million. This time the IRB “International Rugby Union” is expected to increase their total revenue of the event to $400 million with different sources like “Broadcasting Rights”, “Sponsorship”, “Tournament Fee” and “Gate Receipts”.

Although: Gate Receipt fee will be kept by the host or home union hosting the Rugby World Cup 2015.

The question is that, which team will get how much money. Once the final income is confirmed, then the organizers will define the prize money of winner, runners and other positions secured by teams.

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