Rugby World Cup 2015 New Jerseys & Kits Released

Get the Rugby World Cup 2015 Kits & Logos of all the teams to participate in the Rugby World Cup 2015. You can have complete list of teams in world cup, teams logos, kits and complete jerseys. The Rugby World Cup 2015 is scheduled to be played in England and will be kicked off on 18th September, 2015.  Before the rugby world cup 2015 starts, there are warm-up matches that are scheduled to be played between all the international teams.

Blacks Jerseys & substitute Released Images:

The black jerseys have been released by the officials and that’s why the fans can easily get the copied kits and jerseys in just &$140/USD.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Kit

England Rugby World Cup 2015 Home Kit:

The rugby world cup 2015 kits of England have been released and here are the images of released RWC kits of England 2015.


Scotland Rugby World Cup 2015 Away Home Kits:

The Scottish Rugby team has also announced the official jersey of Scotland team for the mega event Rugby World Cup 2015 given below.

scotland 2015 rugby world cup home away kits released

Australia Official Jersey for RWC 2015:

Here is the released image of Australian team for the rugby world cup 2015; you can get the jersey of Australia officially released kits and logos.

Australia RWC 2015 Home away Kits released

South Africa spring Kits & Jersey:

The South African team has also launched the official kits and jerseys for the Rugby World Cup 2015.

South Africa 2015 Rugby World Cup Jerseys Released

Italy Rugby World Cup 2015 Official Released Jersey:

Italy is one of the toughest and hot favorite teams of Rugby World Cup 2015. Here are the official kits of Italy team given below.

Italy rugby world cup kits released

USA Rugby World Cup 2015 Home & Away Home Kits:

The Rugby World Cup 2015 involves team of the US and they have released the official kits of the United States of America.

USA 2015 rugby world cup home away jersey Released

Samoa Home Kits for Rugby World Cup 2015:

Rugby World Cup 2015 to be started on 18th September, 2015 and Samoa will also take part in it and that’s the reason that Samoa has announced the official kits & jersey for Rugby World Cup 2015.

Samoa rwc 2015 home kit Released

Fiji Rugby World Cup 2015 Jerseys:

The kits of Fiji team have been released for the Rugby World Cup 2015.

Fiji RWC 2015 Home Kit released

Romania Kits World Cup 2015 Rugby Released:

Romania rwc 2015 home kit released


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